Tony Khan talks about the AEW World titles and Trios during Dynamite

We’ve already heard that AEW will be touching on the World Championship mode, which means that it will include canceling the title due to a Serious injury Suffered by CM Punk. But we’ve also heard that Punk is facing a suspension or termination for his role in Fighting that broke out behind the scenes shortly after he won the belt for the second time in Everyone is outside Sunday night (September 4).

Reports also say that Kenny Omega and Young Bucks were too suspended For them to get into the fight, and seeing that they win the AEW Trios Championship this weekend, it’s also possible that plans for those new titles will be on the air as well.

Now, AEW owner, president and publisher Tony Khan has announced that he will be participating dynamite Tonight (September 7) to discuss the future of the two tournaments:

Wrestling Observer, who first mentioned that AEW will be handling the world title tonight as well chirp CM Punk & Ace Steel was scheduled to meet with company officials via Zoom at 4 p.m. How will this meeting affect tonight’s announcement? Maybe we’ll find out in a few hours…

You won’t want to miss tonight dynamitebut if you have to, find out what’s going on right on our live blog over here.

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