Tiger Riley Green misses opening day with broken foot

12:02 PM: Greene’s initial recovery schedule ties his return at 6-8 weeks, according to Athletic Cody Stavenhagen (Via Twitter). Green will almost certainly need some time as a youngster, and that’s far enough away that there are a number of factors that will determine when Green might actually make his league debut.

9:06 am: Tigers highest probability Riley Green He fractured his right foot, according to MLB.com’s Jason Beck (Via Twitter). The injury will not require surgery, but he will not be ready for opening day. Greene is one of the top potential players in baseball, being ranked 4th overall by Baseball America, 5th by MLB.com, and 6th by Baseball Prospectus.

It’s a breather issue for the Tigers, who have been dreaming of seeing Green take over as their daily quarterback from day one. Instead, he will start the overall pick for fifth of the year on the injured list, and there’s no indication he might be ready. Since he was not on the 40-man list, Green would not collect service time while on the casualty list.

While that, Victor Reyes Numbers to get more playing time to start the year. He was told he formed the team two days ago, according to Evan Woodbury of MLive Media Group (Via Twitter). Reyes scored a .258/.284/.416 streak over 220 appearances for the board in 2021. The 27-year-old hitter has 81 wRC+ over 944 appearances during his four-year career.

Greene’s potential has helped raise Detroit’s roof, turning it into a popular sleeper pick to improve this season, but instead they’ll return to a familiar face at Reyes. Dazz Cameron It won’t be called now, and Derek Hill It won’t actually be ready to open, veteran reporter Chris McCuskey notes (Via Twitter).

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This leaves Reyes as the potential regular in the center, especially since then Aqil Bado It is currently scheduled to start in the left field. Another possible configuration would put Baddoo in the center with Eric Haas or Harold Castro See some time in the stadium.

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