This is what the seventh generation Ford Mustang looks like

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seventh generation Ford Mustang The first new generation Ford Mustang in nearly a decade is set to make its world debut on September 14 at the North American International Auto Show, also known as Detroit. Prior to that, Ford was busy releasing various teasers to motivate Mustang fans. On Monday, Ford gave a preview of what is supposed to be the sound of the new Mustang.

The sound is on, friends:

This is, most likely, a V8 Mustang, which It is said that it will be in the new generation, along with the four cylindersJust like current Mustang models. He said that, in A dying world Dodge Chargers and Challengers As automakers go electric, I wonder how far away the electric Mustang is, even if the Mach-E Mustang already exists, and seems to be popular enough.

It would be pretty funny, however, if that sound Ford spit wasn’t a V8 or internal combustion engine at all, but the work of an engineer replicating the sound of a V8 Mustang to go along with a new EV Mustang. Or at least commenters on Ford’s Instagram post will be very disappointed.

However, we assume that the V8 engine lacks evidence otherwise. And if you listen to the end, you can hear what sounds like a manual transmission, definitely not an accident on Ford’s part, because if there’s one thing Ford wants people to think of in a Mustang, it’s a V8 manual transmission, even if most people choose an automatic with EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. It looks like a seventh-generation Mustang will maintain that spirit as well, though it seems like a perfect opportunity to switch to electric, in an industry recently mired in federal tax incentives to do so. Apparently, not yet.

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