The Xbox has been delivered and Windows is rushing to secure the recall

Microsoft gave the best Xbox presentation I’ve seen in years over the weekend. Layoffs, studio closures, and the arrival of Xbox exclusives to PS5 have fans worried about the future of the platform, but Sunday’s presentation allayed many of those concerns.

Xbox head Phil Spencer kicked off the show with Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 – Promoting that Xbox is now home to Call of duty – Before moving on to new offers and gameplay. Three titles that caught my attention personally: Perfect darkness; myth; And Gears of War: Electronic Day.

Last week, I revealed most of the first-party games that would be part of this showcase, but one game I didn’t name was Perfect darkness. Reports indicated that she was in a “rough condition.” I hadn’t heard of a potential release window, so I wasn’t sure exactly what would be offered during the show. Three-minute surprise Perfect darkness The trailer didn’t hold back on the gameplay, showing off action and visuals that looked very polished and far from rough. Sure, it was just a trailer, and we still don’t have a release date or release window after nearly four years. But it certainly seems like the game is shaping up well.

last week NotepadI also said I was expecting to see more myth And the release window is 2025, and Microsoft has done just that. Last myth The trailer included Matt King, widely known as Super Hans from one of the best British comedy shows of all time: Peep show. King plays the hero Humphrey, who will have to retire to face a mysterious enemy.

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King’s appearance made me smile from the start, along with subtle sarcasm and British humor throughout. mythThe developer of Playground Games is known for Forza Horizon The series that always pushes the visual boundaries of Xbox, and it looks like it will do the same here. Sources tell me that Microsoft is currently targeting myth To be free between…

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