The West Virginia target was closed after collapsing on slippery ground as three families had to evacuate their homes near the collapsed hill

Written by Isabel Stanley for Dailymail.Com

22:58 February 17, 2024, updated 01:15 February 18, 2024

  • The Target in Barboursville was forced to close on February 2 when a hill collapsed and part of the building slid away
  • Shocking video shows a huge crack in the collapsed corner of the store

A department store in West Virginia was closed after a slide on a hill caused it to collapse, tearing off one corner of the building.

Shocking video shows a giant crack in the corner of the store in Barboursville as the ground beneath it collapsed, causing it to fall.

The store was closed on February 2 when the hill first slid, and then when it slid further on Wednesday, the store was forced to close its doors indefinitely.

The cause of the slide is not yet known, but three families were evacuated from their homes behind the target, and the shopping chain covered their relocation expenses.

Target said they are working to “remove the damaged portion of the store” starting this week and will take “additional steps to prepare for construction in the coming months.”

The hill collapsed, taking the corner of the store with it

“The safety of our team, guests and neighbors is our top priority, and we are continuing to work at our Barboursville store to address the recent floor movement,” a Target spokesperson told USA Today.

They added: “We continue to closely evaluate the condition of the site and are cooperating with local officials to secure the area and repair the store as safely as possible.”

Referring to the three evacuated homes, Target said that “local officials have notified nearby homeowners of the situation” and that the company is “taking steps to support them.”

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Barboursville Mayor Chris Tatum told WSAZ last week that there is not believed to be any risk to other businesses in the area and that they will continue to operate.

But water supplies to the area have been limited as authorities investigate the sliding hill, and a West Virginia American Water spokesperson told WSAZ that the initial slide on Feb. 2 damaged a water main.

The perimeter and road behind the building also sustained significant damage, Mayor Tatum said.

In an update on Wednesday, Tatum objected to crowds coming to see the damage.

The store was forced to close indefinitely while engineers arrived

He said strangers were “invading the neighborhood,” and wrote on Facebook: “Yes the hill is moving, yes Target knows it and is trying to keep people safe.”

“For anyone invading the Meadowcreek neighborhood, you should know that the majority of residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the excess traffic and viewable bathrooms.

“You wouldn't want that if people were wandering your driveways or yards, either.”

'They fear for the safety of their homes from criminals as well as damage to the buildings. Law enforcement will be eager to conduct additional patrols, but please give these individuals some privacy and allow construction crews space to work.

“The safety of all those affected is the first concern.”

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