The Street Fighter 6 Guile trailer was shown during the summer of Fest

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During Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest livestream, Capcom came up with a new look at some Street Fighter 6 Gameplay and character detection.

In a new, albeit short, trailer, blonde vet Guile—with a comb in tow—was perfectly dressed for Ryu. We see many of his famous moves, including Sonic Boom and Flash Kick. It’s also oscillating Totally a fashion statement in a denim (!) suit of sorts.

Street Fighter 6 It is basically a complete revamp of the series. It retains the classic 1v1 side-scrolling experience that fans have come to expect, but the game also expands the scope to Embrace open world exploration And a few new fighters. Capcom is also introducing some new mechanics to the game, including a modern control type for “easier input”, a hard hit called Drive Impact that absorbs moves (similar to Street Fighter IVfocus attack), and The ability to spy and make faces in the face of your opponent before the start of the match.

While this is a new trailer for the game, some of what’s here isn’t entirely new information. This is because before Keighley’s show, there are different parts of Street Fighter 6 may leak, including (possibly) The entire game’s character lineup. Some of this is even found on the now infamous Nvidia GeForce leak now.

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The most interesting part of Street Fighter 6 It is a single player mode. Supposed to be an ‘immersive’ story experience, the main campaign sees you roaming the streets of Metro City – which Capcom made famous. final battle-In search of fights, most likely with characters from iconic series. Who do you know? Maybe we can practice with Chun-Li or Ryu. Unfortunately, Ken Masters might not be the most capable teacher right now, since then The blond Shotokan has fallen on hard times in Street Fighter 6.

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