The state Supreme Court has ruled that Nick Christophe cannot run for governor of Oregon

The Oregon Secretary of State ruled last month that Christophe was ineligible to run for governor because he had not lived in the state for three years before the upcoming election, and that Christophe was a resident of New York until December 2020.

Despite Christoph’s attempt to challenge the decision, the Oregon Supreme Court unanimously upheld the Secretary of State’s decision.

“Today, in a mandamus operation initiated by cousin Nicholas Christophe, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled in Article V, Section 2, ‘from the legal concept of residence, that is, the place of residence of a person with intent, to be indefinite.” Press release With its end.

Following the release of the results, Christoph said in a statement that he “respects the court’s ruling and will not pursue it further.”

“The Supreme Court has spoken. Although we are disappointed with this decision, we respect its judgment and thank the judges for their considerate consideration in this matter,” Christoph said.

In his previous petition challenging the Secretary of State’s decision, Christoph argued that “the Secretary’s had a very narrow understanding of the constitutional term ‘residence’ and, correctly considered, that one person could be a resident of two places.”

Christopher, a Pulitzer Prize winner who grew up outside of Yamhill, Oregon, announced that he would run for office in October after leaving the Times, where he previously worked as a commentator and one of the newspaper’s most important journalists.

In his campaign announcement, he cited his inexperience in politics and made the case for the new leadership, citing “politics that considers affordable housing, weak mental health support, inadequate education and slavery to be a crime, not a disease.” Affects his own state.

Christophe – Already over-nurtured $ 2.5 million Towards the end of last year, according to his campaign, he left the Democratic Party’s mainstream, following in the footsteps of Democrat Governor Kate Brown – with several top donors.

Oregon State House Speaker Tina Codec and state Treasurer Tobias Reid are among the nominees.

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Both Codec and Reid posted statements about Christoph on Twitter following the Oregon Supreme Court ruling on Thursday.

“Nick Christophe has long written about the pressing problems facing Oregonians, and his voice will continue to be important as we tackle Oregon’s biggest problems. I look forward to working with him as a fellow Democrat,” Codec said. Said.
For his part, Reid Said Christophe “ran a strong campaign,” and “drew the attention of many Oregonians to the policies of failure,” “Christophe’s interested in helping the homeless” and “encouraging the creation of opportunities in rural Oregon.”
Many Republicans and Independents – Former Oregon State Sen. He previously served as a Democrat in the Oregon State Legislature, including Betsy Johnson, but is now campaigning independently – and they are running. Has to Johnson Support Nike co-founder Philip Knight.

Oregon’s primary election is scheduled for May 17.

This story has been updated with more details.

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