The Sound Burger portable record player from the ’80s returns with Bluetooth and USB-C

Zoom / Audio-Technica’s 2022 Sound Burger.

Vinyl is far from dead. Just ask your most nostalgic music friend, old school uncle or even Taylor Swift. And for those who prefer their own vinyl with some modern conveniences, there’s the revival of Sound Burger, Audio-Technica’s portable record player.

According to a mid-2022 report from the Recording Industry Association of America (PDF), vinyl continuing a trend that began in 2020, when vinyl revenue exceeded CD revenue — a situation not seen since 1986, according to the RIAA. [PDF]. The RIAA reported that vinyl revenue grew 22 percent in the first half of this year to $570 million, surpassing CDs ($200 million) and representing the largest share of physical music revenue.

Japanese brand Audio-Technica seems to have noticed this trend and decided to re-release the portable record player Sound Burger. The product is one of several that the company is launching to celebrate its 60th birthday. Based on a board on the player’s side, the company produces only 7,000 units.

Audio-Technica says shipments of its limited-edition CD player will begin arriving on November 26.
Zoom / Audio-Technica says shipments of its limited-edition CD player will begin arriving on November 26.

The original Sound Burger AT727 that debuted in 1980 provided a way for people to listen to 33-1/3 and 45 vinyl records outside of their homes. However, there were some caveats; Records are precariously stuck outside the unit and as noted before slash gearDuring the process, the player needs to sit on a flat surface.

The original sound burger.
Zoom / The original sound burger.

The new Sound Burger AT-SB2022 looks like the old one, but Audio-Technica added Bluetooth 5.2 support, so you can listen to your vinyl through wireless headphones. There’s also a 3.5mm jack this time around in place of the stereo RCA outputs, but Audio-Technica also includes a dual RCA adapter.

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In addition, the old batteries are no longer needed, the upgraded portable DVD player is charged USB-C. Audio-Technica claims that playback of recordings will last for about 12 hours before it needs a charge, which it says will take about 12 hours to complete.

As noted before digital trendsThe original Sound Burger, also known as Mister Disc in some geographies, requires user maintenance to make sure the records keep spinning at the right speed. But this 2022 Audio-Technica turntable has a DC servo motor driving a belt system for “stable rotation”, the turntable product page Says.

Page says, “Designed for both portability and stability, the transmission shaft utilizes a dynamic balancing system in which pen pressure is applied through a spring.” Audio-Technica says it Pen ATN3600L Works with the new record operator.

The pen is user replaceable.
Zoom / The pen is user replaceable.

Other specifications of the Sound Burger include an output of 50 dB and a transmission range of 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Burger Sound 2022 is a specialty product for enthusiasts who want to embrace their passion for vinyl on the go. The original product has somewhat maintained a cult following, with YouTubers And the like still promote the unique and surprisingly impressive premise sound quality.

The record player weighs 2 pounds and measures 11 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches.
Zoom / The record player weighs 2 pounds and measures 11 x 3.9 x 2.8 inches.

We wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see the 2022 Sound Burger on sites like eBay after we run out of stock. You can currently find 80’s Sound Burgers resell at 400 dollars$550 Domain.

Audio-Technica sells the 2022 Sound Burger for $200.

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