The Russo-Ukrainian War: List of major events, day 842 | News of the Russian-Ukrainian war

This is the situation on Sunday, June 16, 2024.

  • A Russian journalist was killed in a drone attack in eastern Ukraine, his news organization News.RU announced on the Telegram app, two days after another reporter was killed near the front line. The company said that Nikita Tsetsage was killed during an attack near the St. Nicholas Monastery in the town of Voglidar. Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier this month that at least 30 Russian journalists had been killed since the beginning of the conflict, but the number could not be independently verified.
  • The peace summit comes at a perilous moment for Ukraine on the battlefield, with Russian forces advancing against undermanned and ill-equipped Ukrainian units.

  • Close to Ukraine’s beleaguered Eastern Front, hopes for a diplomatic breakthrough are almost non-existent. “I would like to hope that this will bring some changes in the future. But, as experience shows, nothing has been achieved.”

  • Outside the peace summit in Switzerland, the wife of a Ukrainian soldier captured by Russia said she hoped the leaders would agree on “some kind of exchange of prisoners of war.” Hannah, who fled her home in the city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine and now lives in Sweden, told AFP: “I want to see my husband.”

  • Meanwhile, Russian military defectors live in fear of retaliation from Moscow after abandoning their positions in the ongoing war with Ukraine. Many also feel abandoned by the West, as they do not have the necessary passports and only have documents that allow them to reach neighboring Kazakhstan or Armenia.

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