The Red Bull Formula 1 team risks being 'ruptured' if Horner stays

As a very stressful weekend for Horner ended with Red Bull's 1-2 win at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the situation surrounding his future took a dramatic turn late in the evening as Verstappen Sr called on him to leave. .

Horner was the subject of an investigation by Red Bull's energy drinks subsidiary following allegations made against him by an employee.

An eight-week investigation into his conduct concluded on Wednesday with Red Bull rejecting the allegations and clearing Horner of any wrongdoing.

Just 24 hours later, in a move clearly aimed at trying to force Horner to resign, anonymous emails were sent to senior Formula 1 staff, including team managers and the media, revealing the alleged evidence at the heart of the matter.

Horner stood firm amid the controversy and helped oversee Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to a perfect start to the team's new Formula 1 season on Saturday in Bahrain.

But it is clear that tensions still exist among those close to him, and Verstappen Sr has now upped the ante by calling for Horner to leave.

Speaking to a UK tabloid daily Mail“There is tension here while he remains in office,” Goss said.

“The team is in danger of being torn apart. It cannot continue as it is. It will explode. He is playing the victim, when he is the one causing the problems.”

Jerry Horner and Christian Horner, Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, celebrate on the podium

Photography: Zach Mauger / Motorsport pictures

The strong words from Verstappen Sr are important because of the huge influence his son has on the team, as he strives to achieve what he hopes will be a push for his fourth world title.

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Max Verstappen was questioned several times over the weekend in Bahrain about his views on Horner, and he has been very careful with what he says.

When asked on Friday night if he had confidence in Horner, the Dutch driver said: “Listen, when I look at how Christian works within the team, he has been a great boss for the team.

“Certainly, performance-wise, you can't even question that. That's what I'm dealing with as well.

“I talk to Christian a lot. And of course, all weekend here, he is fully committed to the team.

“He's also here to perform, of course. Maybe he's a little distracted.”

“But as I said before, we're just focusing on the performance side of things. And that's how we all work together.”

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, and Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, pole, celebrate at the Park Firm

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing, and Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing, pole, celebrate at the Park Firm

Photography: Zach Mauger / Motorsport pictures

There have been wild rumors that Verstappen Sr has been involved in a behind-the-scenes power play trying to oust Horner from his role at Red Bull.

But this is something he denies.

“That wouldn't make sense,” he said. “Why would I do that when Max is doing so well here?”

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