The Queen’s jewelry, tiaras, and tiaras will likely go directly to one person for tax reasons

The Queen had an enormous net worth Before her death, which included a personal collection of jewels, tiaras and tiaras worth a small fortune. And while there was nothing official An announcement from the palace regarding the division of these assets after her death, Sixth page Reports indicate that her entire collection of royal jewels will be passed on to King Charles.

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“We don’t know all the details about the ownership of all the Royal Jewels, and we probably won’t be privy to much detailed information about their inheritance right now,” court jewelerLauren Keena says. “The royal wills are sealed, so we can’t look at those documents for guidance. I think it’s very likely that the Queen followed in the footsteps of her grandmother, Queen Mary, and her mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and left all her jewelry directly to the new monarch, King Charles III.” There are historical and tax benefits to this inheritance method.”

It should be noted that many important pieces from the royal family’s jewelry collection were stolen from the countries they colonized – including the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which features prominently in one of the royal family’s most famous crowns.

Image credit: Tim Graham - Getty Images

Image credit: Tim Graham – Getty Images

for every timeThis diamond dates back to the 16th century, and was “obtained” by the British when Maharaja Dulip Singh was forced to surrender everything in his possession (including land). The diamonds were handed over to Queen Victoria, who then ended up on the Queen Mother’s tiara (which she wore for Elizabeth’s coronation). Koh-i-Noor began appearing on Twitter in India with users asking royals to bring him back.

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It remains to be seen that returning stolen items will be on King Charles’ agenda in the coming months.

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