The Power of the Dog: Director Jane Campion calls Sam Elliott ‘a bit of a ****’ for criticism

Jane Campion called Sam Elliott a “b****” after she criticized her Oscar-nominated movie dog power On the depiction of cowboys and the Wild West.

Elliott—whose cinematic legacy is closely tied to the West—said he took the film’s portrayal of the American West as “personal.”

He called it “a piece of s***” and compared the cowboys in Campion to Chippendale dancers who “wear a tie and nothing else,” adding, “They run in classes and no shirts. There are all these allusions to homosexuality throughout. the movie “.

Elliot said of Campion, “What is this woman doing from there? [New Zealand] Know about the American West? “

Talking to diverse Before the Directors Guild of America Awards – where she won the Feature Film Award – Campion said, “I’m sorry, he was a bit of a ****. He’s not a cowboy. He’s an actor.”

“The West is a mythical space and there’s a lot of room for scope. I think it’s a bit sexist… I consider myself creative and I think he sees me as a woman or something less than him first. And I don’t appreciate that.”

Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog


The film’s lead star and former Netflix distributor, Benedict Cumberbatch, also responded to Elliott’s criticism.

dog power He is Nominated for 12 Oscarsincluding Best Picture and a Director nomination for Jane Campion.

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