The popular Xbox game has become cross-platform

Microsoft is reportedly planning to bring one of its “most popular” first-party games to competing platforms this year according to a report in Nate hate Podcast.

The title of the game has not been announced, but the presentation noted that the title was met with “high critical acclaim” as “Conversation Game of the Year” in the year it was released.

The scoop says: “I think this is a smart move for Microsoft… From a business perspective, if you're bringing specific games to multiple platforms, to Switch and PlayStation, you're doing it because you see the quality of the IP and the franchise and you want to expand its reach beyond Xbox only.

Speculation is already rife about what it might be up to, with the most likely suspect being Tango Gameworks' “Hi-Fi Rush,” which was released early last year and became a surprise hit for the platform — bolstering its slim pre-“Starfield” streak. For Xbox after “Redfall” crashed and burned. Another possible candidate is the card game “Pentiment.”

Microsoft has previously engaged in multi-platform releases, such as bringing “Ori” games to the Switch, and supporting “Minecraft” on many platforms.

Most recently, Xbox CFO Tim Stewart made the announcement at a Wells Fargo summit in November (via Spot game) The plan is to make Game Pass available on “every screen that can play games,” adding that “that means smart TVs, that means handheld devices, that means what we thought of as competitors in the past like PlayStation and Nintendo.”

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source: VGC

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