“The One and Only Bush Spice”

Victoria Beckham channeled her past as Posh Spice during a karaoke performance of the hit Spice Girls song “Stop”. (Photo: Reuters/Gonzalo Fuentes)

Victoria Beckham It adds a little spice to a family karaoke night.

A fashion designer known as Posh Spice took to the stage in front of friends and family to set out a familiar tune: 1997 sexy girls Hit “stop”. With a group of friends behind her, the former singer, in a matching black dress and knitted sweater, didn’t miss a beat as she performed the lyrics and dance moves from the song’s original music video.

“Karaoke night with Posh Spice,” her husband David Beckham47 years old, commented on this interesting video.

Beckham, 48, shared the rare performance on her Instagram Stories, sharing the video and writing “Just for you, David Beckham” on the page. . added spice world Emojis below.

(Screenshot: Instagram / Victoria Beckham)

(Screenshot: Instagram / Victoria Beckham)

Beckham’s desire to perform one of the hit songs from his Spice Girls days is a rare occasion. While the rest of the group, which split in 2000, reunited on a tour of the UK and Ireland in 2019, Beckham did not participate in the festivities. The last time she performed with the band was in 2012, when she took the stage at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics. Now focusing on fashion, the mother of four has sworn to restoring her pop star.

“I will never do it again. It was an incredible honor to be in the Olympics. I was so proud to do it – proud to be British”, Tell Vanity Fair. “This was the perfect time to say, ‘This is great. Thanks everyone, but no more. “Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to leave the party.”

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However, her former bandmates aren’t slowing down any time soon. Just last week, Mel B, formerly known as “Scary Spice,” said the group plans to head downhill on tour.

“I said it at the end of our 2019 tour, ‘See you next year, Australia,’ and then the coronavirus hit and everyone’s plans went out,” Mel B said. Daily TelegraphAnd the The daily Mail mentioned. “We are definitely planning to do more shows and Australia is a place we really like so I’m sure we’ll come back here.”

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