The new teaser for BioWare’s Mass Effect 5 is short and short on answers

Three years after announcing that a new Mass Effect game was in development, BioWare has released the first real teaser video for the new, still untitled sequel. Mass Effect: Andromeda. The 30-second clip ultimately gives Mass Effect fans more questions than answers, but it at least offers a first look at who might be returning to BioWare’s new sci-fi role-playing game.

As part of N7 Day, the annual celebration of all things Mass Effect, BioWare released the above teaser in multiple parts, including some “decoded” text messages that may provide some clues as to who is in the teaser. In one teaser page titled “Epsilon” (the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, by the way!) We get a quote attributed to Liara T’Soni “Though, they should know by now not to underestimate the human challenge!” — From N7 Day last year. Another teaser page He points to Okolon (a Early name of the castle) and 2819, the year in which members of the Andromeda Initiative reach their destination in the Andromeda Galaxy.

The teasers indicate that there is some sort of distress signal emerging from Andromeda Galaxy, and will likely be answered from somewhere in the Milky Way. Posting year is listed as revised.

BioWare’s Mike Gamble, project manager and executive producer of the new Mass Effect game, indicated that the next part of the series will be a sequel to both. Mass effect 3 And Mass Effect: AndromedaIt could include both galaxies. BioWare’s latest teaser seems to reinforce that, but leaves a mystery as to who will return – and if Commander Shepard can somehow in the distant future of this post-Andromeda Game – open question.

The next Mass Effect game was revealed in 2020. At the time, BioWare’s then-general manager Casey Hudson said that a “veteran team” of Mass Effect developers were “working hard to envision the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe.” The following year, BioWare released a single teaser image for the sequel, hinting at the return of the Geth.

BioWare’s next project is Dragon Age: Dreadwolfso Mass Effect fans may have a lot waiting for them to do.

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