The new iPhone 15 Pro Max shows a larger camera bump

New renders of the iPhone 15 Pro Max show that the model has a slightly larger bump for the rear camera, as well as offering another look at the solid-state buttons.

Case manufacturers often use leaks to create a CAD drawing of incoming iPhone models before the official launch. In one of these leaks, it seems that there is a belief that the camera bump will increase in size in the 2023 versions.

Sourced from the accessory product’s CAD design, which was leaked by “ShrimpApplePro” and published To Twitter on Saturday, he provided all the major views of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. As part of the release, the leaker provides a list of measurements and notes from the CAD itself.

ShrimpApplePro claims the camera bump is 3.78mm, which is about 5% larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max version. Other leakers pointed to leaks in February that claimed the bump could be thinner.

The camera ring diameters are listed as 16.2mm and there’s also a 13mm camera lens in the mix, which the leak says is roughly the same as for 2022.

The rear flash’s diameter of 6.7mm is smaller than the 6.9mm of 2022, with the microphone’s diameter also being 1.15mm to 0.75mm. The Dynamic Island appears to be the same size as previous models.

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Shrimp admits that their measurements “may not be exactly the same as others out there, but I think her measurements are accurate.”

Besides the camera bump, the leaker also discusses the “weird things” above the volume buttons on the solid-state. It is believed to be a conductive filling that will be integrated into phone cases, to enable full gestures or action sensitivity.

There’s also a claim that the same filling is being included on the iPhone 15 and Plus models, which means that solid-state buttons may be included across the range.

While CAD drawings from accessory makers are sometimes fairly accurate, they often rely on leaks and rumors to create them, and may not necessarily be valid data sourced from Apple or its supply chain. There’s no guarantee the information is correct, but it’s a good guide to what kind of things to expect from Apple’s fall launch.

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