The new 8BitDo Ultimate console is coming in October

8BitDo is taking a stab at the professional controller market with the release of the 8BitDo Ultimate Controller, which is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and begins shipping October 28. Older 8BitDo controllers like the SN30 Pro and Pro 2 have a wide range of compatibility options thanks to their Bluetooth connectivity, but the Ultimate Controller will be available in three different configurations – Bluetooth ($69.99), 2.4GHz ($49.99), or wired ($34.99) – Based on your favorite console and connection method.

The Bluetooth model will also come with a 2.4GHz wireless adapter that, along with the wired model, is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. The 2.4GHz exclusive will not be compatible with the adapter, but it retains all other previous connectivity options.

The console will be available in black, white and pink.

Previous 8BitDo consoles have replicated classic designs from Sega and Nintendo, but the Ultimate console looks a lot like contemporary models you pair with PlayStation or Xbox, complete with asymmetrical analog sticks and a pair of rear paddles for additional inputs. However, Ultimate Controller will offer a bunch of premium features that you’d normally find on a console that costs twice as much. Besides being offered in black, white and pink, the Ultimate Controller wireless models come packaged with their own charging base.

The charging base also acts as an access point for the 2.4GHz adapter.

Perhaps the coolest new feature that comes with the new Ultimate Controller, however, is 8BitDo’s new control software suite, which will allow you to reset and adjust controls on PC, Android, and iOS devices. You will be able to save your preferences in up to three separate profiles, which are stored independently on console devices.

The console software can be accessed on computers and mobile devices.

We’re still waiting to get our hands on this console, but based on its features, the Ultimate Controller appears poised to be a more capable alternative to the official Switch Pro console and a worthy successor to the 8BitDo Pro 2.

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