The most popular real money games that you must try

The old forms of making money such as plowing games for rent, reading newspapers, watching ads, and shortening links…. are becoming increasingly boring because they do a lot but earn very little. Not to mention now that these forms of money are increasingly being taken advantage of, corrupting the value of the online money-making game genre, even some games are used by crooks to appropriate harmful properties for the community. Online games are not only a means of entertainment, but also help people participate to make money, and increase income anytime, anywhere if you find reputable operators, such as Ignition, a casino operator. Online gambling with countless games and attractive prizes, not only that, but in 2022, new progressive jackpots at Ignition will appear to satisfy the most demanding players with extremely high-value prizes. So, the question is, does playing online games make money? If so, which online money-making games are reputable?

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a name not to be missed if you want to join the world of online money gaming. Right from its launch in 2018, Axie Infinity has made waves in the video game market with its explosive features. As one of the new wave and very influential games in the crypto space, it is based on a unit of data on a digital ledger located on the Blockchain platform.

Some simple ways to help you get income from Axie Infinity:

Exchange and trade SLP (Small Love Potion), an ERC20 standard token of Axie Infinity.

Pet breed shaft.

Do other quests like collect or improve Ax so they can fight against other opponents’ Ax?

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Illuvium is a game based on the Blockchain platform, still carrying the standard of Play for Money. When participating in the game, players will be entered into a virtual world in which they must fight and defeat creatures called Iluvials. Once defeated, Illuvials will become your warriors, you will use them to fight other players to complete your mission. You have to collect and nurture your NFT Illuvials wisely. Each Illuvials has unique abilities and skills, with their strengths and weaknesses so you can use them most flexibly when entering battle. If you win matches and complete quests, your Illuvials will get stronger and stronger.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an NFT Game idea built on a virtual reality processor mainly using Blockchain, a virtual currency called Ethereum. When participating in the game you can build and create for yourself a block of assets, from which players will be able to make money from that property. By using an Ethereum wallet, players can easily buy SAND tokens (a virtual currency in the Sandbox ecosystem). You can earn SAND tokens by buying and selling real estate or interacting with other players as a way to earn money.

Stepping into the virtual world of The Sandbox, all gamers are guaranteed the right to own property on their land. This is also the purpose of the game’s operation to remove the limitations of the old traditional game genre, which has always had inadequacies and limitations due to the control of the operator as well as the creator. Moreover, when participating in The Sandbox, players can use many new features such as Voxel editor, game maker, and marketplace… with these features, you will surely have great experiences when participating in the game.

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There are countless ways to make money online that you can try, and of course, playing games is also a legitimate way to make money. Let go of the thought that playing games is only for entertainment purposes, once you get serious about making money, you will win unexpected rewards.

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