The Mets star has a perverted case

Max Scherzer deals with a slash injury, The Washington Post reported John Heyman on Thursday.

Three-time Cy Young Award winner Wednesday left 11-4 win over Cardinals With two outs in the sixth inning after indicating the dugout he was “done” with his hand nodding across his neck.

Mets is still waiting for the official results of the MRI test and it is not clear how much time Scherzer will be lost. Meanwhile, Mets manager Buck Showalter revealed that the $130 million ace has also been dealing with several blisters on his hand in his last two matches.

“They took the pictures (Thursday) and were waiting for the doctors to read them, and they read them,” Showalter said before Thursday’s game. “I hope, I think [GM] Billy [Eppler] Or someone will be able to process it later. I’m not sure if it will be after the match or (Thursday) once we gather all the information from the experts.”

Max Scherzer leaves the Mets match on May 18, 2022 due to injury.
Robert Sabo

Scherzer noted after the match that he “just felt a swing in my left side and knew I was done,” but did not say if he expected to waste time or be assigned to the injured list. Pitchers Jacob deGrom and Tylor Megill are already in IL.

“I don’t think that’s a lot of pressure,” Scherzer said. “I was kind of tight and then all of a sudden, I was gone. But I don’t feel like I really ripped it. It just got worse. I hope I got out of there fast enough to prevent a major injury here. I know her intercostal deviations and intercostals, these things can be bad. I wish I could” I avoid serious injury.”

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Showalter said he believes the 37-year-old Scherzer has “obsessed” with not fighting through every injury later in his career, citing a hamstring problem that forced him to postpone the start of his scheduled opening day.

“I think he’s really smart about it,” Showalter said. “He had so much hamstring that he was really smart about it wasn’t something he was going to turn into something earlier in his career.”

Showalter volunteered information about the blisters, suggesting they influenced Scherzer’s ball-breaking order during a Friday night outing.

“It’s something else in baseball, or the seams, it’s a whole different thing. He’s been promoting those last two starts for him,” Showalter said. We can do what we can’t do.”

“I will tell you now, that is one of the reasons why he was really struggling to break the ball and he couldn’t control it. Because he was trying to prevent that from ripping again.”

Starling Marty was still traveling after bereavement leave following the death of his grandmother and was unable to get back in time for Thursday’s game. It’s expected to activate Friday in Colorado, according to Showalter, who added, “Between air travel and customs and also the state of mind we’re assuming he’s in, trying to give him that space.”

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