The Looking Glass Go is a foldable 3D display that fits in your pocket

The looking glass goes.
GIF: Looking into the glass

With a 6-inch display that the company claims is 10 times thinner than previous Looking Glass displays, it’s the first monitor small enough to fit in your pocket — although you’ll need a USB-C or optional external USB power connection. C battery dongle, because it does not have its own built-in battery. It’s also the first device with built-in Wi-Fi (and also Bluetooth) to “receive holograms from the cloud.”

The 6-inch screen should have a much higher pixel density than its 7.9-inch predecessor as well, at 1440 x 2560 (491 ppi) versus 1536 x 2048 (325 ppi). Whether that translates to clarity depends on other factors, too — though Looking Glass says it offers the same 58-degree viewing angles from up to 100 different perspectives as the 7.9-inch model.

(Perspective: Like most autoholographic displays, the mirror doesn’t broadcast a 3D image everywhere at once. Your eyes have to be at certain angles to the screen to see it properly. That’s why some stereoscopic displays, including 2017’s New Nintendo 3DS, include 2014, Face Tracking, although face tracking may be less desirable when you want to show the screen to multiple people at once.)

Looking Glass Go is once again a Kickstarter project, and the rendering is about the same as before — it’s a way to see 3D objects without wearing a VR headset, it’s a way to view spatial images you might take with your phone, and it’s a way to view shapes emerging from images Three dimensional Such as NeRFs And Gaussian Splats, and maybe even a way to interact with 3D AI characters powered by ChatGPT. You can see one such interaction in the company’s YouTube video at the top of this story — I’ll reserve judgment until I can try Looking Glass’ “Liteforms” for myself, but they look great!

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But you probably wouldn’t leave a website open on your desk or put it in your bag to show off on the go. If that’s something you’re interested in, the company is currently offering the Go service for an early bird price of $199 On Kickstarter Through December 6, orders should ship in June 2024.

There’s also a special edition clear case for an extra $50.
Image: Looking into the glass

Looking Glass says the device is made of steel, glass, and ABS plastic, weighs 235 grams, measures 0.76 inches (1.9 cm) thick, and measures 6.3 inches (16 cm) long and 3.2 inches (8 cm) wide. There are forward, back, and pause buttons for the slideshow and a 3.5mm audio jack on the side. It does not have a loudspeaker.

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