The leaked teasers of the Galaxy S23 point to an amazing night camera performance

Last update: January 10, 2023 at 14:16 UTC + 01:00

the Galaxy S23 The launch is definitely getting closer, and as is usually the case before major Unpacked events, leaks have started to come out more often as we get closer to the official release. Some official GIF trailers have been leaked! While they don’t reveal the Galaxy S23 series itself, they do confirm the triple camera setup (at least for the Galaxy S23 and S23+) while giving us a preview of the things Samsung is focusing on in its 2023 flagship phones.

Sponsored videos are full of buzzwords and catchphrases like “moonlight mode” Take night photos, even in low light. “Amazing night photos are coming,” “Megapixels will make you say wow,” “A great decision is coming,” And “So.”

Galaxy S23: Greater focus on mobile photography

We’re guessing these short promotional videos are two of many. Other similar teasers are likely to focus on different aspects of the Galaxy S23 series, such as design, performance, and so on.

But from what we can gather from these two teaser trailers, seen below, Samsung is doubling down on its mobile imaging technology. We’ve been hearing rumors about improved camera capabilities in the Galaxy S23 series for a few months now, and these leaked official teasers certainly align with those expectations.

It’s safe to say that Samsung has worked to improve the Galaxy S23 series’ night photography. Low light photography It seems to be the primary focus, at least based on these annoyances, but it’s probably safe to assume that the camera experience has improved across the board – in any lighting conditions.

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to feature a 200MP primary camera based on an upgraded version of the ISOCELL HP1 sensor. The Ultra model should also have a 10MP telephoto camera with 10x optical zoom, a second telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom, along with a 12MP ultrawide shooter. The Galaxy S23 and Plus models may have a camera resolution similar to last year’s flagships.

samsung It should reveal the Galaxy S23 lineup in early February 2023. The Unpacked reveal will likely follow a pre-order period of around two weeks.

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