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From November 20 to December 18th, 2022, the whole world will be in Qatar for the 22nd edition of the world cup. This edition is a football World Cup tournament like no other. First, it is being played in the months of November and December. World Cup is normally played in the months of June and July, but since it is taking place in Qatar, a location that experiences extreme temperature during the period, it had to be shifted to cooler months. It is also the first time that the tournament is being held in the Arab world and the second time in the Asian continent. As Kate Richardson, online sports betting enthusiast and analyst point out; it will be a full season for the bettors. In normal years this duration does not attract many international tournaments. This means they will have more matches to wager on compared to previous years where only the leagues and a few international matches are available. Kate adds that punters need to be prepared for the period, arming themselves with World Cup betting tips.

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Interesting news

As D-Day draws near, there has been interesting news coming from Qatar and different parts of the world. There has been a disturbing story of migrant workers being taken back home, something that the Qatar authorities have refuted claiming that their contracts and stay in the country was coming to an end at this time, given that they have come to help in the preparation.

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There is also a prohibition of kissing where several groups have been up in arms. Analysts have pointed out that this does not come as a surprise since the host country is an Islam nation and some of these rules are the norm. Then there is news that Tunisia may be kicked out of the tournament. Let’s delve deeper into these and more stories, and provide facts as presented lest we are accused of gossip and hearsay.

Tunisia risks a ban

According to reports that were seen in major news outlets, Tunisia, one of the African teams that will send a team for the Qatar 2022 games risks being banned from the tournament if the government interferes with football issues in the country. According to FIFA, the world football governing body rules, member federations must not be interfered with legally or politically. Tunisia’s minister in charge of sporting activities, Kamel Deguiche has been quoted saying that he will dissolve the federal bureau. This statement was not taken lightly by FIFA which saw it as an attempt to interfere with the Tunisian Federation.

It has since demanded an explanation of the possible dissolution. According to FIFA, member associations are free to conduct their affairs without influence from third parties. If FIFA goes ahead and imposes a ban on the nation, this will be a big blow to the country, Africa, and the betting fraternity. There are fans that are eagerly waiting to see how Tunisia will fair in the games, given that it has shown great prospects in the recent past. Sports betting enthusiasts are also waiting to wager on the team.

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A ban would mean that they are denied to bet on the team and also the number of matches that they can bet on during this world cup will have been reduced significantly. If Tunisia is banned from participating in the international tournament, it will not be the first country this year. Other countries which have been victims of the ban although they are not participating in this year’s world cup include:

  • India,
  • Kenya, and
  • Zimbabwe

No kissing and treatment of migrant workers

If you thought, this is the only interesting news coming out of the country that is hosting the largest football tournament after the COVID -19 pandemic, you have not heard it all. There are claims that fans and even participants will not be allowed to kiss. This may come as bad news for those who are interested to take a holiday in the country during the tournament, more so those in same-sex relationships.

Qatar is considered to be one of the most conservative countries in the world, where residents face several restrictions. There has been rising concerns with the latest being the release of a video by the Australian team calling on the country to decriminalize same-sex relations as well as improve the treatment of migrant workers. Talking of migrant workers, there have been reports that they are being sent away from the country. If you remember right, it has been a concern how Qatar has treated migrant workers during the preparation for the tournament. Most of the facilities which will be used for the tournament relied on migrant labor for their construction.

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There has been a rampant outcry on how these workers were treated. News that they will be sent away during the tournament has not been received positively. When football is marred with some of these atrocities, the image of the game is ruined. Punters and betting enthusiasts want an atmosphere where fairness is prompted. Violation of human rights does not have a place in the football scene.

We hope that these things will be sorted out so that we end up having one of the best world cup tournaments given that it is coming during the holiday month. Betters are looking forward to a wonderful duration, they will be wagering on their favorite teams while in a holiday mood.

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