The Indian Navy in a confrontation on the high seas with Somali pirates – DW – 03/16/2024

that Indian A Navy warship intercepted a hijacked cargo tanker off the coast Somalia He demanded that the pirates on board surrender.

In December, Somali pirates hijacked the Maltese-flagged ship Ruin. The situation escalated further this week.

The Indian Navy posted footage on social media on Saturday that it said showed pirates aboard the Ron opening fire on its warship.

A spokesman said the organization called on the pirates to surrender and release the ship and any civilians they may be holding, without providing further details.

India deployed several ships in Somali waters in December, and in January, its forces He boarded a ship flying the Liberian flag To rescue the crew being held captive by pirates.

Piracy is increasing off the coast of Somalia

However, the Ruen remains under the control of the hijackers and is suspected of carrying a crew of 18.

Before the hijacking of the Ruin on December 14, Somali pirates had not been able to successfully board any cargo ship since 2017.

The European Union's naval force warned on Thursday that the Ruin had moved from the Somali coast into international waters and could be used as a “mother ship” to launch further attacks.

The resurgence of Somali piracy comes with support from Iran Houthis from Yemen target commercial ships in the Red SeaWhich led to the disruption of traffic heading to the Suez Canal.

Somali pirate attacks on ships peaked between 2010 and 2015, but declined amid patrols by the US Navy and other allied naval forces.

lo/sms (Reuters, EFE)

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