The fresh start proposal may be too complicated to pass this week

The Competition Commission proposed a comprehensive and revolutionary reform of the kick-off. If passed, it would be the most dramatic change to the look of the game since the arrival of the two-point conversion in 1994, or perhaps since the goal posts were moved from the goal line to the back of the end. The region in 1974.

A separate issue is the length and complexity of the proposal. There are layers of potential consequences and permutations to consider. This is not the kind of coalition that would produce a quick and easy coalition that 75 percent would vote to adopt.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that although momentum for change is growing, there is still opposition. As previously reported, few coaches want to eliminate the kickoff entirely, put the ball on the receiving team's 25 and start the drive. If they decide to be aggressive and/or disruptive, it will be difficult to put the proposal to a vote this week.

Keep in mind that the Annual Meeting has become truncated in recent years, with private cars lining up at the resort on Tuesday instead of Wednesday for a quick transfer to private jets, and there never seems to be enough time for that. Work to resolve issues and resolve concerns necessary to obtain the approval of three-quarters of members.

Some proposals are being put forward until May as a way to kill it quietly. This would probably have a better chance of success with an additional two months to work on the various issues and questions.

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It seems like too much to process in a short time. Depending on the length of the proposal and the amount of issues associated with it that will be discussed and resolved (For examplepenalty angle), it looks as if this is heading into May.

Whatever happens, the status quo is the start of the game as it was in 2022. Possession of the ball at the 25 for a fair hold between the goal line and the 25 was a one-year experiment. This experiment resulted in fewer replays than ever before.

Given that the new approach is likely to lead to more And with kickoffs coming back closer than ever, it seems inevitable that at some point someone with enough influence in the room will announce: “What's the rush?”

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