The fake Ethereum mining fix for Nvidia GPUs was actually malware

A tool released on GitHub announced the ability required to unlock the full Ethereum mining capabilities of modern Nvidia RTX graphics cards but actually contained malware. Tom’s devices And the computer games He wrote about the initially promising utility, called “Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker”, which claimed to remove “Lite Hash Rate” software from Nvidia that was Implemented in the latest graphics cards To deter crypto miners from buying gaming GPUs.

Live broadcast on YouTube yesterday On Red Panda Mining ChannelMining community members ChumpchangeXD and Y3TI shared less welcome results: the tool contained multiple viruses.

Most important, according to Tom’s devicesHowever, the tool doesn’t even perform the job of its namesake to remove the cap on your GPU’s hash rate. Instead, it’s clearly infecting your system and causing a host of other unusual behavior, like high CPU usage, checking system drives and other things that should – and did – raise some red flags. The publication refers readers to Joe Sandbox CloudA great site that explains exactly how a malicious file is spread through a system upon installation.

Since Nvidia implemented Lite Hash in graphics cards Beginning in mid-2021, there was a huge demand (and a very profitable secondary market) for earlier RTX cards that had no hash rate restrictions. A tool that can reduce demand by removing the limit on new cards is a tempting offer. Unfortunately, put this under “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

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