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CHARLOTTE – The Carolina Panthers have announced the hiring of their new general manager.

On Monday, the team named Dan Morgan as president of football operations and general manager. Morgan most recently served as the team's assistant general manager, where he has held the position since 2021.

He had 25 tackles in the 2003 Super Bowl, a record.

Morgan, a former linebacker, was drafted by the Panthers in the first round, 11th overall, in the 2001 draft.

Morgan played seven seasons with the Panthers after being selected in the first round of the 2001 NFL draft, the team said.

Morgan went on to join the New Orleans Saints in 2008 but his injuries forced him into early retirement.

The team's website says it has relationships with coaches and players throughout the NFL.

The new general manager knows the current roster and knows what the team wants to do moving forward.

“Dan has a comprehensive knowledge of our football staff and a clear vision to take us where we all want to go,” Panthers owner David Tepper said in a statement. Statement on “We know he will attack this opportunity with the same intensity he did as a Panthers player.”

One of Morgan's main responsibilities is to help develop quarterback Bryce Young, The team said.

“He's special,” Morgan said entering Young's preseason. “He's got a presence, he's got poise, he's got accuracy, he's got anticipation, he's got all those things you want,” Morgan said. “And this is not Bryce's show. He's not doing this alone. We're not counting on him to go out and make every play. This isn't something he has to do alone, and it's not all on him.”

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(Watch below: The Panthers will play in Germany next season)

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