The Cardinals say the calls about falling from No. 4 are starting to add up

The top three teams in the 2024 NFL Draft — the Bears, Chiefs and Patriots — are widely expected to get quarterbacks Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye with the top three picks. Which makes the Cardinals' No. 4 pick a major focal point.

Cardinals general manager Monte Ossenvoort said the Cardinals are already receiving calls about the possibility of trading out of the fourth overall pick, though he doesn't expect to actually make a trade anytime soon.

“I would say those phone calls are starting to ramp up a little bit. I would say they'll probably continue next week when we go to Florida for the owners meetings,” Ossenfort said. “I think most teams are in a similar situation to us, where they're starting to be in a The finishing touches on their paintings, and their professional day pieces are the final pieces on the field for evaluation purposes. So I imagine some of these conversations will continue to resurface, but honestly they probably won't get serious until we get to draft week, similar to last year. They've definitely improved, but I expect that to continue here for next month.

If Williams, Daniels and May go 1-2-3, a team that trades up to No. 4 would likely look to include Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy at No. 4. The Vikings, by trading for a first-round pick to the Texans have already shown they are a team that could be looking to move up. Other teams are sure to be calling the Cardinals as well, and Ossenfort said they are interested in hearing from any team that has an offer.

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“We will always listen,” Ossenfort said. “I think we'll always have the conversation.

If the Cardinals remain at No. 4, Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. is the betting favorite to be their pick. But Ossenfort noted that the draft often does not go as planned.

“We choose at four o’clock. That means we don’t know what will happen at one, two and three o’clock,” Ossenfort said.

And by the time the Cardinals actually pick on draft night, they may not pick a fourth at all.

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