The Apple iPhone 15’s USB-C port has been seen in the alleged leaked images

Apple said last year that it would bring USB-C to the iPhone, and now the alleged photos into the USB-C port of the iPhone 15 A hint at the light blue and green colors of Apple’s new non-Pro phones, according to leaker Majin Bu (via AppleInsider). The images, shared on X (formerly Twitter) this morning, show three bare USB-C modules in two colors, plus a dark black shade. Additionally, Majin Bu shared images of somewhat crude mockups of the phone, including one with what appears to be an off-center hole for the USB-C port.

Majin Boo Clarified later That the presence of a green USB-C port does not mean that there will actually be a green iPhone at launch, thinking that Apple will release it in the spring, which the company has done with lighter colors for a few years now.

Apple usually announces the next generation of iPhones in September, which comes out quickly. Longtime Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote mode Today the company has already prepared to start Charge phones in bulk later this week, undermining shipping delay concerns.

Screenshot of Uncle Pan’s Weibo post sharing the alleged new cases.
Screenshot: Wes Davis/The Verge

As always, take these rumors with a grain of salt. The next Apple event is almost certainly weeks away, but it hasn’t been announced, and neither have these phones and cases.

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