Teams expect Ravens QB Lamar Jackson to be available

After a lengthy injury absence (and a bizarre no-show during Baltimore’s playoff loss), many wondered if Lamar Jackson He played his last shot with the Crows. Many NFL GMs ask the same question, and some executives have speculated that a quarterback is already available. “Riving teams see Jackson as available,” executives said. Jason La Canfora of The Washington Post. Some of these potential suitors are already beginning to decide what assets they could part with in a potential deal.

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There are a few wrinkles when it comes to Jackson’s potential trade. Besides preferring to send Jackson out of the AFC, the Ravens are also eyeing a deal that will see them opt out of the draft. And Young talent. Moreover, Jackson will have a say in where he is sent, as no team will sacrifice valuable future assets without the guarantee that a player will sign a long-term deal. Additionally, assuming Baltimore strikes Jackson with an exclusive franchise, he will have a de facto no-trade clause until he signs the bid.

However, there will definitely be some teams ready to make the huge move. Executives have pointed to the Panthers and Falcons as potential suitors, with both teams doing a solid job at it Deshaun Watson the lottery. For Carolina, La Canfora pitches the idea of ​​a package based on it Jesse Horn9th pick, a future first-round pick, a future second-round pick, and the NFL’s GM suggested that was the kind of trade it would take.

“You have to find an owner who couldn’t find his man [at quarterback] And he will not be afraid of the price, “ One GM told La Canfora. “And maybe the team going into next year is on edge. It’s kind of a successful year for the coach or for the GM.”

on the flip side, thought Joel Corey of CBS Sports The Ravens will not trade Jackson in 2023, with the former agent calling 2024 “the year of reckoning.” The franchise’s second mark would have the QB eyeing a whopping $54 million for the 2024 campaign, and Jackson would still have the ability to finally hit the open market in 2025. Corey believes the Ravens don’t have to rush into a trade now (especially when they’re in a position to let them compete), but they will wait for an important decision in 2024. If Baltimore does not trade Jackson next one offseason, they would risk committing more than $100 million to him for 2023 and 2024 and then be left with a compensatory option only when he signs elsewhere as a free agent for 2025.

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There is even a chance that Jackson will re-sign with the Crows. Just last week we heard that the Ravens are still “all in” on their franchise player stretch, even with the Powers That Be becoming “disappointed to the point of anger” at the player’s absence. Jeff Zrebec of The Athletic warns That any new deal between the two sides will almost certainly not be agreed upon by the March 7 franchise deadline.

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