Taylor Swift wore an all-red striped bikini on vacation with Travis

While she's taking a break from touring — and gearing up to release a new album in a month — Taylor Swift is taking time to soak up the sun with boyfriend Travis Kelce. (“It's like snow on the beach,
Strange but so beautiful, flying in the dream, stars in the pocket.”)

In New Photos you can see hereSwift, drink in hand, walks on a private beach in the Bahamas with Chiefs tight end Kelce. In dark sunglasses and her hair pulled back into a braided ponytail, Swift is far from watchable. And her cute bikini proves that she's still the same Taylor we've known and loved for years.

For her trip to the beach (and into the water to meet Trav), Swift opted for a yellow striped two-piece from Montes. You can get Lucy canary stripe bikini Now, and Lulu zigzag stitch bikini bottom Available for pre-order in color. It also comes in a range of other styles, in case you want something in another colour.

Lulu canary stripe bikini bottoms (zigzag stitch).

This…so red– Encrypted! Swift has a lot always Swimsuits worn are either polka dots or stripes, with the exception of one black lace bikini during the Calvin Harris days. This cute style in particular is reminiscent of a Preppy-meets-vintage vibe red Days, once again showing that Taylor is always Taylor.

She's been adopting a lighter aesthetic lately, leaning towards a sunny spring. After the couple returned from their island vacation, Swift and Kelsey went out for lunch in Malibu, where Swift wore a light blue blouse and pleated skirt. She completed the outfit with two-tone Reformation loafers. Honestly, if this doesn't go with classic Taylor Swift style, nothing does! (She has good girl faith and a tight little skirt.)

This article originally appeared on Glamor (USA).

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