Taylor Swift appears to be clapping back at Dave Grohl after his remarks on the Eras Tour

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl took an apparent jab at Taylor Swift during his band’s London tour this week — and now Swift, Who was also in town for her own tourapparently clapping again.

“I’m telling you, man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift,” Grohl told fans at the London Stadium on Saturday.

Across town at Wembley Stadium, Swift was performing the second of three shows At her stop on the Eras tour In the English capital.

“So we like to call our tour the ‘Bugs Tour,’” Grohl joked. “We’ve been through more than a few eras and more than a few mistakes, too. Just a few. That’s because we’re playing live.”

Videos of Grohl’s statements were posted online and some people took it to mean Swift was not performing live.

The next night, during her third show in London, Swift appeared to respond to Grohl’s comments without mentioning any names. “Every single one of my band members, every single one of our crew, my band, who are going to be playing for you live for 3.5 hours tonight, they deserve this so much,” she said. “And so does every one of my fellow artists.”

Swift era tour It was largely successfull became last year The first concert tour to gross over $1 billionAccording to Polestar.

Many celebrities have been spotted during Swift’s shows in London, including Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear, Who was photographed with Salma Hayek And Stella McCartney.

Some critics called Grohl’s comments misogynistic, but supporters said he was merely expressing frustration with some artists’ use of backing vocals.

One social media user noted that Grohl’s 17-year-old daughter faced backlash from Swifties earlier this year when she criticized the singer’s use of a private jet. “Wow, I wonder what prompted Dave Grohl to criticize Taylor Swift a little bit?” the person wrote on social media. “I’m sure it’s completely unjustified and has absolutely nothing to do with his 17-year-old daughter being relentlessly trolled and sent death threats from Swifties over this completely innocuous tweet in January.”

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