Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hold hands on one final, romantic date before she jets off in Sydney

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Travis Kelce Only stayed One of Taylor Swift's Sydney shows After flying all the way From Las Vegas to Australia. But before Kelsey Left Sydney Back to Vegas to party with the Kansas City Chiefs, he had one last romance with Swift.

There was a couple Photographed holding hands and walking the marina at night. They appear in the clothes they were wearing reunited At the end of his Friday night concert. You can see their photos Here. Swift wore a pink top with shorts with her hair down in waves. Kelsey, meanwhile, was in a teal top and shorts. The two laughed as they walked past the boats.

Swift and Kelce were previously pictured on Kelce's tour, kissing when they ran into each other backstage after a performance on her Eras tour.

It's a busy time for both Swift and Kelce, but they try to see each other as much as possible. A source spoke Entertainment tonight About how Kelce wanted to show support for Swift after attending all of his NFL playoff games and the Super Bowl on Friday.

“Taylor and Travis are both very busy right now, but they're trying their best to make each other and their relationship a priority,” the source said. “Travis is Taylor's favorite and has always wanted to support her during her shows in Australia. She is grateful that he appeared for her at the busiest time in her career and made it a point to do the same for her. They are working together.

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When Swift is finished His Sydney shows On Monday, he will perform six shows in Singapore from March 2-9. After that, Swift will be on hiatus until May 9, when she resumes her tour in Paris, France.

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