Sunny Hostin calls J Lo Flying Commercial a complete “Jenny From the Block” movement


Sunny Hostin on J Lo

I support her aviation commercial


Sunny Hostin He says it’s humane to see Jennifer Lopez An aviation commercial, a sure sign that she can still be a down-to-earth Bronx girl…even though she’s a far cry from “the borough.”

We caught up with Sunny Tuesday outside ABC studios in New York City, where our photographer asked her about the photos we got of J Lo Sit in a window seat On an Air France plane from Italy to France. Now, she was flying business class, but it was still a far cry from her usual private jet lifestyle.

Sunny says commercial air travel makes Jennifer more like a woman of the people… and she loves the fact that the singer/actress/dancer can still fly among the everyday people, despite all her fame and fortune.

In other words, Sunny — who hails from the Boogie Down Bronx — says Jennifer Lopez still feels comfortable in her character in Jenny From the Block… and she’s glad the singer and actress hasn’t forgotten her roots.

Although we’ve seen plenty of celebrities traveling on a coach over the years — Sunny says she still does, too — it’s still the exception to the rule… especially for a star like J Lo.

Some fans may see Jennifer as trying to save money as it is Ben Affleck It seems Heading towards divorceBut Sunny says it goes deeper than that.

Sounds like a Bronx thing, Sunny knows!

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