Steve joins Dubs fans in mocking a Boston bar that abused Ayesha

After the Warriors won Game 5 Monday night and topped the series 3-2, Curry himself got into making fun of the jinxing tag that might be a string at the pub.

Speaking to reporters after the game, Carrie arrived wearing A custom T-shirt that reads “Aisha Carey Can Cook”, clearly a pass in Game On! , the bar outside Fenway Park that displays the sign. The reporter in the room was seemingly unaware of the context behind the shirt, and naturally had questions about why Carrey was wearing a shirt advertising that a celebrity chef could cook. After all, it’s the equivalent of wearing a T-shirt that reads “Steve Curry can play basketball.”

“You have to ask around the room and ask Twitter,” Curry replied.

Curry finished with 16 points in Game 5, cutting off a streak of 233 straight season and post-season games with a triple pointer. The last time he played a game without making three was in November 2018.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been happier after having a no-frills for any kind of night, just knowing the context of the game, the other ways you’ve tried to affect the game, the fact that you’ve had four guys in useful ways to help us aggressively take the win , ” Kari said after the game.

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The Warriors will have a chance to shut down the series Thursday night, when the series returns to Boston for the last time in Game 6. We’ll see if the bar has any new banners or if he’d rather hide under a rock since the Warriors are now 2-0 in matches since the tag was discovered.

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