Stefon Diggs: Josh Allen “just told me to run” on the 53-yard touchdown

USA Today Sports

Armed with a 24-10 lead over the Rams in the fourth quarter, the Bills seemed to have their season opener Thursday on hand.

But then the dagger came in third and fourth with a 9:33 left in the contest, as quarterback Josh Allen rolled to his right and fired a 53-yard touchdown to the receiver. Stefon Diggs.

Throughout most of the night, Allen didn’t even attempt to make a deep pass, saying after the game the Rams were taking many of his court options away. But at that point in the competition, Allen noticed something and improvised with the Diggs to get to the finish zone.

“Josh told me to just run,” Diggs said, noting that the route wasn’t even in the original play.

Diggs also praised Allen’s vision as a quarterback, saying he sees what not many people do on the field.

“There’s one thing I’ve learned,” Diggs said, “Do what your quarterback tells you.”

Allen said Bales “felt like her corners were really looking at the quarterback.

“The Diggs just ran on a road, the offensive line was protected and he gave us a chance. He just got in there and gave us a play.”

The chemistry between Diggs and Allen has been strong since the Bills acquired the receiver in 2020. This connection should continue to provide adequate defenses until the end of 2022.

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