Stardew Valley Creator shares another update on the release of version 1.6

It’s been a while since Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has shared any information about update 1.6 that’s coming to his Stardew Valley lifestyle simulation.

Now, in an update, the creator has revealed that he’s taking a temporary break from his new project Haunted chocolate To work on Stardew 1.6. The next release will be “mostly changes for mods,” but it also mentions how there will be some new game content.

There will be a Stardew 1.6 update. It’s mostly mod changes (which will make it easier and stronger to mod). But there’s also new content for the game, albeit a lot less than 1.5. I’m taking a break from Haunted Chocolate Maker to work on this for now. Then back to HC’

Once work on Stardew 1.6 is complete, as noted above, Barone will return to developing Haunted Chocolatier. A previous update for this particular project last December mentioned how it was “going to be a while” before it was completed.

Stardew’s previous major update (v1.5) was released in February 2021 – it added new game options including “Beach Farm”, advanced gameplay customization options, local split screen co-op and much more.

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