Starbucks will raise wages again – but not for union workers

coffee chain said Wages will be raised again in October. Starbucks will honor those commitments to employees even if they vote to join unions, Schultz said during a phone call Tuesday.

But future wage increases are coming. He said it would not necessarily apply to workers in union stores.

“Today, we are taking further steps to update our vision for wages and benefits for our partners with more investments in wages…and in September, we will share additional initiatives we plan with Starbucks partners,” he said.

Schultz said the company will invest $200 million in wages, equipment and training, among other benefits, in addition to previously announced commitments. Overall, Starbucks plans to spend about $1 billion this fiscal year on employees and improving the customer experience in stores.

He said workers in company-run stores “will receive these wages and reinforcements.” Starbucks (SBUX) They can control their salaries.

But he said, “We do not have the same freedom to make these improvements in locations where there is a union or where unions are organized,” adding that federal law “prevents us from promising new wages and benefits in stores involved in union organizing.”

The company’s first Starbucks store Vote for unions in December. Since then, about 46 stores have voted to create unions, and five have voted against. Overall, 237 company-owned stores have petitioned the National Labor Relations Board to date.

This is just a small part of the approximately 8,800 websites owned by the US company. But Starbucks is keen to stem the flow.

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Schultz, who last month took over as CEO for a third time, acknowledged that workers face “enormous pressures” as demand grows. Sales at North American corporate-owned stores that have opened for at least 13 months jumped 12% in the three months ending April 3. Revenue jumped 17% in the region in the quarter. The company’s stock jumped about 5% hours after the results came out.

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To help, the company offers more support in addition to this higher salary. Some examples: Starting next month, you will double the amount of training time for new baristas. In August, he’ll do the same for shift moderators. It’s also launching an employee app to keep workers connected.

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