Some of the best Switch games are getting $20 off in the run-up to Mario Day

These days, it seems like every day is a recognized holiday of some sort, whether it's National Donut Day, National Dress Up Day, or some other made-up holiday designed to celebrate…well, something. Although March 10 – also known as Mario Day – may not be officially recognized by the US government, it is one of the days we celebrate… the edge Looking forward to most. That's because it's one of the best opportunities this year to provide plenty of games playing Nintendo's mustachioed mascot.

One thing to note is that in most cases, the digital version is only available at a discounted price; However, some retailers – including Nintendo and Best Buy – are expanding the sale to include physical titles as well, just in case you prefer a good old-fashioned cartridge.

If you're not ready to buy one of the many Qi2 chargers on shelves right now, Ugreen Magnetic Wireless Charging Station he have It fell to an all-time low of $27.99 ($12 off) on Amazon. Unlike newer Qi2 offerings that offer 15W charging speeds, the Ugreen charger can deliver just 7.5W of power to MagSafe-compatible devices, or 5W to a pair of wireless earbuds or any Qi-ready device if you use the existing built-in charging stand. At the bottom.

I've been using the Basic Magnetic Charging Station from Ugreen for several months, and while it's not my preferred option for fast charging my iPhone 13, it works great as a relatively cheap option for using the new standby built into iOS 17. Slim and sturdy, with a ball joint Adjustable allows you to easily change your phone's viewing angle so you can check your calendar, weather, and other important information at a glance. My only issue is that I'm not a huge fan of the status indicator light built into the base, but it's hard to get away with since most dual-purpose chargers feature the same thing at this point.

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