Snoop Dogg's brother, music manager Bing Worthington Jr., has died at the age of 44

Snoop DoggThe rapper said Friday that his younger brother, Bing Worthington, has died Instagram.

The 44-year-old died Thursday, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Department in California, which runs the county medical examiner's office.

“The cause of death will be pending pending the results of the toxicology report and autopsy,” the sergeant added. Frank Gonzalez said via email.

Snoop hired his brother to work on high-profile projects, rising through the ranks of the rapper's entourage to become tour manager and then executive producer at the record label that bears his title.

Speaking to the publication Deputy in 2016“I was just the road guy. I worked my way to the top,” Worthington said.

He told the publication that he has been involved in several endeavors launched under his brother's brand, including skateboard maker Snoop Dogg Board Company in the mid-2000s, and hot dog startup Snoop Doggs.

He merged a record label operating as part of Snoop's business with Quebec-based Urban Heat Legends, whose president, Miguel Lopez, was a friend, according to the resulting label, Dogg Records.

poster she said on her website that the combined company was the result of “a relationship formed between Bing Worthington (Snoop Dogg's brother)” and Lopez. The website stated that it aims to “create a platform where West Coast artists meet the North and vice versa.”

“I still can't believe it,” Lopez said via email about Worthington's death. “I'm still processing this.”

A Worthington executive produced the birthday party documentary, “Bigg Snoop Dogg: Raw 'N Uncut Vol. 1,” which was released as a video in 2003, according to the Hollywood database IMDb.

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He also received a writing credit for Lifestyle's song “Tha Jump Off,” which appeared on the soundtrack to the 2006 film “Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj,” according to the database.

On his Instagram account on Friday, Snoop tweeted a photo of his brother with the caption, “Bac wit momma.”

Celebrities, including actor and singer Tyrese Gibson, responded with condolences. “I'm sorry this happened… Prayers of love and light to you and your family,” he said.

Singer Tamar Braxton said: “Sorry for your loss, brother.”

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