Celebrity Danger! It is a popular traditional show at peak times Risk!And not just because it includes celebrities. One from Will Ferrell and Saturday Night LiveThe most memorable graphics series is “Celebrity Jeopardy,” which is based on Ferrell, who played Alex Trebek, who is frustrated with the contestants’ ridiculous answers. And Sunday’s episode of Real Life was very reminiscent of those funny parts.

“You know, sometimes contestants Risk! They are afraid to participate if they don’t know the correct answer,” host Mayim Bialik noted after returning from an ad break. “You three don’t seem to have that problem.”

“Celebrity Danger!” Contestants Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts and Elisa Schlesinger

Contestants Eddie Huang, Reggie Watts and Elisa Schlesinger were quick to handle the bell, but they were too slow when it came to providing the correct answers. As trivia shows progress, viewers have been reminded Saturday Night LiveThe famous “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Sketch, which was based on famous contestants who gave wrong and often funny answers. And it wasn’t just viewers who were reminded of the old SNL Sketches, even the contestants admitted to having some similarities.

“I remember” celebrity danger! ” From SNLWatts said. “This is what I remember most Risk!. “

“Does that sound accurate to that?” Bialik asked

“This is actually very, very similar,” he admitted. “No different. I’m glad they made it. it’s great.”

Fortunately, all the charities they played for will receive $30,000. That’s extra generous because some of the answers to Final Jeopardy! It wasn’t a very good idea of ​​19th century literature…or of the 19th century.

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The clue was that “William Brody, a pure Scottish merchant by day and leader of a gang of thieves by night, helped inspire these two titles.” Shlesinger guessed correctly Jekyll and Hyde, but Watts guessed Thelma and Louise Guess Huang meager masks.

Celebrity Danger! It airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Watch as Simu Liu stuns everyone with “Celebrity Jeopardy!” win over:

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