“She Didn’t Apologise” – Deadline

Jane Fonda went down memory lane The Drew Barrymore Show She remembers movies from her acting career. When the image of the 2005 rom-com monster in law This came up, and Fonda recalled the infamous slap scene in front of Jennifer Lopez that left her injured.

“The thing that immediately comes to mind is we have a slapping scene – I slapped her and she slapped me…”, Fonda recalled. “Well, Jennifer, according to Jennifer, she had this enormous diamond ring, and so when she slapped me one time that opened my eyes—my eyebrows.”

Fonda continued, “And she never apologized.”

monster in law Directed by Robert Lukic and written by Anya Kochov about an aspiring fashion designer Charlie (Lopez) who must confront a mother-in-law played by Fonda who will do anything to spoil her relationship with her son. The film marks Fonda’s return to cinema after an absence of 15 years since the release of the movie Stanley and Iris in 1990.

The comedy stars Michael Vartan, Wanda Sykes, Adam Scott, Monet Mazur, Annie Parisi, Will Arnett, Ellen Stritch and Stephen Dunham. According to IMDB, monster in law Its budget was $43 million and he went on to earn over $155 million globally.

During her appearance on a daytime talk show to promote her latest movie moving forward With Lily Tomlin, Fonda also mentioned photography Barbarella She recounted what happened behind the scenes in the opening scene where she teased striptease in space.

“I hate being naked in front of anyone. I’ve been drinking,” she said. “My husband [director Roger Vadim] He promised me my private parts would be covered by the movie titles – he lied, he really didn’t.”

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Fonda continued, “Before the end of this horrible experience, a bat flew between me and the camera. We had to do the whole thing again the next day. We didn’t know this had happened until we saw the rush. So I had to do the whole thing again with a headache.” Alcohol “.

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