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Taylor Swift is back in Nashville this weekend — and he just might be Storm?!

The “Anti-Hero” star performs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Nissan Stadium, the outdoor home of the Tennessee Titans’ largest music venue and Music City. As of press time, the National Weather Service is forecasting rain most Fridays in Nashville, with an 80% chance of rain in the morning and thunderstorms after 2 p.m.

Concert promoters and venue organizers handle every weather differently, and Nissan Stadium isn’t immune to storm-related postponements. Let’s define what it means for Swifties if storms roll into downtown at showtime.

If it rained…?

All rain or lightning? The show goes on. Pack a rain jacket and some plastic bags to protect cell phones and other valuables from water damage. Nissan Stadium does not allow ticket holders to bring umbrellas into the stadium.

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If storms…?

If lightning strikes within eight miles of the stage, the venue must stop the concert and tell the showgoers to take shelter in the venue. After 30 minutes of no lightning strikes within eight miles, the show can resume. Ceremony officials work with Nashville Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service to determine when the show should be paused.

If a protection order begins at the venue, ticket holders must follow the instructions on the stadium’s massive screens; updates It can also be shared via Nissan Stadium on social media.

If a concert-goer arrives at the stadium during the venue’s protection ordinance, they must wait in the car until the organizers give full clearance.

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Will the show be postponed?

Like the May weather forecast in Middle Tennessee, there is no clear answer for this. If severe weather affects a show, decision makers must evaluate factors such as staffing, security, and tour routing, to name a few.

When Garth Brooks postponed his 2021 show at Nissan Stadium after an hour and a half delay due to weather, he later said the decision not to play at the stadium the following night came down to whether the venue could provide “that level of experience” that Titans Stadium used to give people who come to there “.

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“One thing is food,” Brooks said after the adjournment. “With 70,000 people out there, you feed them, and then have to go find food for an additional 70,000 people the next day. That was impossible. Servers? No way. People to direct traffic? Just impossible.”

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