“Satellite SOS” is coming to the Google Pixel, and here's what it will do

There is satellite connectivity for smartphones Prove value on Apple's iPhones, but it's a feature that struggles to get out the door on Android devices. However, the new “Satellite SOS” feature started rolling out this week on Google Pixel phones, and we have a sneak preview of what it will be able to do.

If you delve into Settings > Security & Emergency on your Pixel phone today, you'll very likely see “Satellite SOS” pop up between Emergency SOS and Car Crash Detection. Google, seemingly by mistake, rolled out the setting broadly to almost all Pixel devices with a recent Adaptive Connectivity Services update.

But the feature doesn't do anything at the moment. Tapping “Satellite SOS” on your Google Pixel doesn't open any menus, but soon it will.

Through a rooted Pixel, we were able to access the list that Google is preparing for this feature. The SOS satellite page explains:

With your Pixel phone, you can message emergency services and share your location when you can't connect to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

The page says you can call or text emergency services, share your location using Google Maps, and answer questions about the emergency. There's no word on whether you'll be able to contact anyone outside of emergency services, but Google also explains that it will share your name and phone number from your Google account, as well as contact details for up to three emergency contacts.

Google reiterates the details shared at the bottom of the page:

When you contact emergency services via satellite, your name, email, phone number, location, device information (IMEI, language, model, battery level) and emergency information are shared with emergency services and satellite service providers.

The page links to a Google support page about which countries Satellite SOS supports, but unfortunately the page is not yet live. There is, too Link To Garmin Search and Rescue Insurance Plan. Notably, Google Messages previously showed signs of using Garmin satellite calling services.

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There are satellite calling demos, but neither the “Try Demo” or “Real Mode Test” options currently work.

It's not clear when Google intends to launch this functionality, but the fact that the shortcut has been widely seen on Pixel phones today as well as how the settings menu has materialized behind the scenes suggests that it's not. also far from.

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