Sanctuary says Michael Jackson would be happy with Bubbles the chimpanzee’s life

Michael Jackson He’ll be happy to know that his former pet, named Bubbles, is living the good life as an old boss… according to the sanctuary that took him in.

Patti Ragan… Bubbles has a lot of freedom in the sanctuary,” the director of the Great Ape Center tells TMZ. He is able to explore tunnels, build a nest under a tree, take a daily midday nap, and even draw sometimes!

Bubbles, now 41, is checked regularly by a veterinarian and caregivers…and weighs 180 pounds. BTW, the lifespan of chimpanzees in captivity is between 50 and 60 years.

She goes on to describe Bubbles as a friendly chimpanzee who interacts well with visitors and other animals… including fellow chimpanzees Opsy, Puma, Ripley, Kodoa, and Stryker. We’re told Bubbles shows no signs of abuse in the past.

Even though the shelter plays MJ’s music and videos for the chimps… Bubbles doesn’t seem to like Michael’s music more than any other. So, despite their strong bond, the singer remained in Bubbles’ past for a long time.

Michael was unable to keep Bubbles as a pet when the primate reached adulthood…he first sent him to a trainer in 2003, before placing him in the shelter two years later.

As TMZ previously reported… Michael died And 4 years later on June 25, 2009 – from acute propofol poisoning. According to Patti, the Great Ape Center does not plan to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Michael’s death.

Michael Jackson’s estate continued to sponsor Bubbles in the wake of MJ’s death… contributing to the cost of his annual care, which amounts to approximately $27,000 per year. Michael’s fan club also sends Bubbles several gifts, including coconuts, mangoes and blankets, which we’re told he likes to lie down on during his naps.

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Michael’s attorney and family members have made an effort to visit Bubbles in recent years… where they have had nothing but pleasant encounters with the primates.

A silver lining in a bittersweet story.

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