Sally Field reveals her worst kiss on screen – and it’s a shock

Sally Field She dropped a bombshell about one of her most popular co-stars (and exes) before returning to the big screen this week.

appear inWatch what’s happening liveThursday, Field didn’t hold back when asked about her worst on-screen kiss.

“That would be a shock,” she said. “Burt Reynolds.”

Field’s remarks drew audible gasps from the audience, and with good reason. She and Reynolds dated for about five years after meeting on the set in 1977.Smokey and the Bandit. They reprized their roles in this 1980 film’s sequel and co-starred in two other films, “The End” and “Hopper.”

When host Andy Cohen pointed out that Field and Reynolds had an off-screen relationship, the two-time Academy Award winner admitted she “tried to look the other way” at first. Over time, she reluctantly accepts her ex-boyfriend’s lack of hugging skills.

“It wasn’t something he did really well,” she recalls.

In terms of form, Cohen continued to push for details. In the end, Field revealed: “There was a lot of drooling.”

Watch Sally Field’s appearance on Watch Live, below.

Reynolds called Field “the love of my life.” to Vanity Fair in 2015, stating that he continued to “miss her badly”. The actor passed away in 2018 at the age of 82.

However, Field reflected on their relationship in a less flamboyant manner Interview with Variety In April this year.

Square can currently be seen in the romantic drama “Spoiler alert,” which opens in select theaters Friday. Adapted by Michael Ausiello 2017 notes It follows a New York journalist (played by Jim Parsons) who must prepare for the death of his husband (Ben Aldridge) after a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Burt Reynolds (left) and Sally Field in 1980.

Bettmann via Getty Images

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