Roundup: Yacht Club Games Presents – Every Shovel Knight Switch Announcement and More

Along with announcing the new game in the Shovel Knight 10th Anniversary broadcast, Yacht Club Games also announced a whole host of last New content is on the way. We’re talking about a new remaster of the original game, Shovel Knight DLC, an update for Mina The Hollower, and much more.

With so much revealed at the event, we’ve put together this roundup – featuring everything you can expect from the Yacht Club in the future. This includes some “coming soon” projects, some “summer 2024” releases, and even a TBD release. It’s all happening on the Shovel Knight front!

Oh, and there’s also new merchandise, live events, and cameos on the way – including “reruns” of Shovel Knight in games like For honorAnd Brawlhalla and Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout. There are even some sales going on right now! So, here’s a rundown of everything on the way in the land of Shovel Knight and beyond!

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope DX – Coming soon

“This all-new title is an enhanced version of the original adventure with a host of exciting new features like 20 new playable characters, online multiplayer, rewind/save states, cheats, and more.”

Free Shovel Knight Dig Wicked Wishes DLC – Summer 2024

“The ultimate free DLC pack forshovel knight digging. It’s full of adventures, quests, new bosses and more! Shovel Knight Dig will also be coming to Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The game is at a 50% discount on all participating platforms.”

Free DLC pack for Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Paradox – Summer 2024

“This free DLC pack features Mod support (PC only), new playable characters, new stages, secrets, challenges, and more! The game is also 50% off on all participating platforms.”

Mina Al-Jawf – TBD

“Yacht Club Games has provided an update on their upcoming title. They announced that they are close to finalizing the initial content clearance for all levels. Also”Mina Al-JoufThe game has evolved, becoming much larger than initially expected, and includes an expanded overworld and more RPG elements. We expect a big gameplay reveal in the near future.”

New merchandise, live events, videos, and more!

“In this section, Yacht Club Games revealed the following announcements: – Two new merchandise partnerships with Insert Coin and Sanshee – A new Shovel Knight 10th Anniversary artbook with Udon Entertainment – Awesome, very limited edition T-Shirts in their merchandise store – New upcoming merchandise releases With Fangamer and Symbiote Studios – Funnel Vinyl Shoe of Hope with legendary artists, Akira Kitamura (creatorMega Man) and Hitoshi Ariga (painter for Mega Man and Pokemon) team up to create brand new cover art. – Live events in California with the Requiem Cafe event (June 15-30) and a live panel at Giant Robot (July 10) – Worldwide Game Jam (starting November 2024) – Replay of the show with For honor (July 18), Quarrel (to be determined later), and The men eventually fall by knockout (June 26)”

See anything here you like? In case you missed it, there’s a brand new Shovel Knight title on the way too which will launch Shovel Knight into a whole new dimension of gaming! You can learn more about this project in our previous post, which includes some teasers from the developer, and don’t forget to check out other Shovel Knight content across our network, and be sure to vote in our poll!

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