Robert Irwin shares 'sad news' after family loss

Robert Irwin

Robert Irwin He's incredibly active on social media, which means followers tend to form attachments to the creatures featured in his updates. Unfortunately, the animal activist recently had a sad update to share.

On Friday, February 23, Irwin – son Terry Irwin And the late one Steve Irwin– It took to Tik Tok With a video about the chicken.

“Very sad news to report,” he began. “Unfortunately, our wonderful little chicken, Nacho, who I know you all fell in love with and loved so much, has passed away. She was a lovely old hen with so many wonderful years, and we are really, really, really sad to lose her.”

Irwin coupled his disappointing news with a positive update. “But we wanted to announce that we have a few new members to the Irwin chicken family that I will introduce to you for the first time,” he explained.

Irwin proceeded to show off his two new chickens. “So this person here is the waffle, the very confident person.” “He likes to fly, you see.”

The 20-year-old continued: “And this little guy here, Mochi, well, she's a bit more moderate.”

A third chicken named Cindy “prefers to stay out of the public eye” and did not appear on camera. “It's okay. It's okay, you're okay, Cindy,” he reassured her.

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In the comments, TikTok users reacted to the news of Nacho's death and the introduction of the Irwin family's new chickens.

“Not Nacho 😭,” one person commented, while another wrote: “I hope when I die in the very distant future I will be described as a beautiful old woman with many wonderful years to live.”

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Meanwhile, another TikToker declared, “Robert Irwin respects boundaries more than most parents on this app.”

“Cindy is so fuzzy ✨,” someone else commented, while another person wrote, “I absolutely love chicken 🐔 RIP Nacho. Hello mochi and waffles 🥳.”

Another TikTok user summed it up perfectly, writing, “🙏Nacho at your dad's zoo is in heaven right now.🥰😇”

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