Rihanna dances to A$AP Rocky for his birthday after Drake diss

Drake He might say it’s over Rihanna — but she’s the one who seems to have already moved on…just take a quick look at how happy she is as she celebrates A$AP RockyBig birthday weekend!

The singer and her baby daddy were fuming on Friday night after they hit the East Coast town to celebrate A$AP’s 35th birthday… which was actually October 3. There’s nothing like a long party — and that’s exactly what RiRi did and AR was on their hands here.

It seemed like it was only an adult…with no sign of his two young children. As far as exactly where they were – apparently, they started in the Big Apple, and made their way to a go-kart joint in Jersey City after that – although it’s unclear if that’s where this party took place.

Anyway… they were having a good time, jumping on top of each other and dancing with their best friends nearby. Rihanna, in particular, made sure to pull off the moves.

We have to say, after giving birth to her second son in August – she’s looking very good… and as energetic as ever. And dare we say…it’s still pretty hot, despite what Drizzy might claim now.

Of course, we point out The shots he took In his new song “Fear Of Heights” — where he lamented the fact that people felt he wasn’t over RiRi… while also claiming he’d been with hotter women than her — he also suggested A$AP was “stuck” with Rihanna.

In the wake of his latest fight with his ex… Drake was dragged through the coals by Rihanna fans – who were quick to point out how manic the homeboy was that day. Remember, he declared his love for her live during the 2016 VMAs.

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They actually dated soon after that…but it didn’t last, and the relationship fell apart.


Two years later, Rihanna shaded Drake in a photo Vogue magazine COVER STORY… Saying this about the state of their relationship, “We’re not friends now, but we’re not enemies either. That’s just how it is.” The outlet also noted her “shining eyes[d] “It ended with cold indifference.”

She hasn’t talked about him much since then, but Drizzy still talks about her… she’s a mother of two, she’s in a committed relationship… and he’s a billionaire fashion mogul.

It’s time to turn the page, right?

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