'RHOSLC' star Heather Gay finally admitted that Jean Shah gave her a black eye


Maybe the mystery has been solved.

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Heather Gay claimed during Tuesday's Season 4 finale that Jen Shah gave her the mysterious black eye she woke up with after a wild night of partying in Season 3.

She revealed this while confronting newcomer Monica Garcia about her behavior and alleged involvement with Instagram account Reality Von (Tea)seWhich targets members of the show – especially Shah.

“I don't think you understand anything about this group,” she told Garcia as Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks and Whitney Rose watched the drama.

“Listen to me: There's something you missed. We're friends, and we've been through this before with Jane. For years we've been afraid.”

Heather Jay claimed during the 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' season 4 finale that Jen Shah gave her a black eye in season 3. I did well

She continued: “We would wake up feeling sick knowing that the lie would be spread, told, spread, exposed, and exploited, but we were with it.”

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“And we're ride-it-or-die kind of girls, and each of us, at different times, has been riding hard and shaking off feelings of doubt and things that don't add up.”

But Shah, who is currently in prison, responded by clapping back on her Instagram Story after the finale aired on Tuesday night. Instagram/therealjenshah
“Bravo, if I punched Heather in the eye, you guys would have the footage to prove it,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. Alberto Reyes/Shutterstock
“Obviously the show couldn't survive without me since I came up at the beginning, middle and end of Season 4,” Shah added. Instagram/@therealjenshah

“And the pain we went through and the way we were tortured and tortured? I ate every day for it,” Jay recalls.

“I felt like I had to lie to protect her. I did whatever it took. I went on a book tour and defended her and criticized the fact that she gave me a black eye.

Marks and Barlow, visibly shocked by Jay's announcement, gasped audibly.

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But Garcia seemed unimpressed.

She also claimed that Andy Cohen was “hurt” because she rejected his request for a one-on-one interview.

“I'm glad you finally told the truth for once. So, good for you,” she said jokingly before leaving the gathering at Jay's request.

Although he was held at the Bryan Federal Prison Camp in Texas for a year Her involvement in a telemarketing fraud schemeShah quickly denied Jay's accusations on her Instagram story.

“Bravo, if I punched Heather in the eye, you guys would have the footage to prove it,” the 50-year-old reality star wrote.

Jay made the accusation against Shah while “RHOSLC” newbie Monica Garcia confronted Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks and Whitney Rose. Giselle Hernandez/Bravo via Getty Images

“It's clear that the show couldn't survive without me since I grew up at the beginning, middle, and end of Season 4.”

She went on to claim that executive producer and Bravo host Andy Cohen “is still hurting” and that she declined his request for a one-on-one interview with her.

“Why would you sit with someone who ‘gave’ another cast member a black eye?” Shah argued. “Next story.”

The Bravolebrity previously said she had no idea how she got the black eye. Getty Images

Shah's rep confirmed to Page Six that she did indeed share the statement on her Instagram and claimed that Shed Media, a division of Warner Bros. Unscripted & Alternative Television, “retaliates” against her because she refused an interview with Cohen last year.

Jay, 49, previously claimed she had no idea how she got the black eye that was so bad she was unable to open it.

However, her story about the injury has changed several times since she first showed it to Shah and Marks, 52, after a night out in San Diego.

Although she initially claimed she had no idea how the matter with Shine ended, she later told Rose, 37, that she had been waiting for the perpetrator to come forward.

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Many fans suspected that Shah was behind her bruise. Heathergay/Instagram

“I think we all know what happened, I just think we don't want to talk about it,” she said.

However, during the Season 3 reunion, she claimed ignorance again.

“I don't know what happened. I can't speak to anything except that I walked into my room and passed out and woke up with a black eye,” she recalls.

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