Qualcomm claims the Snapdragon X Elite is 21 percent faster than Apple’s M3 in multi-core performance; “It’s good hardware,” says the public relations director.

The Snapdragon The San Diego company has come out with a bold statement now, claiming that its latest SoC is up to 21 percent faster than the M3 in multi-core performance. However, despite the supposed superiority, Qualcomm’s PR director says the experience will be different, and this has to do with both chips running different operating systems.

Qualcomm’s PR director hints that Windows is inferior to macOS, despite the Snapdragon

In an image uploaded by Digital Trends, it was revealed that the Snapdragon One of these results: Snapdragon X Elite power limit. Remember that each CPU has a power limit that allows its cores to run at faster clock speeds but with a higher power draw.

With the Snapdragon Although 80W undoubtedly increases multi-core performance, it comes at the cost of excess heat and overheating. However, despite these advantages, the experience will be different compared to using the M3 on macOS, according to Sascha Segan, a senior public relations manager. It hints that macOS is a better operating system than Windows but mentions that the hardware is good.

“It won’t be the same experience because they’re using macOS and we’re using Windows, but in terms of hardware, which is the only thing we can control, it’s good hardware.”

Segan also said that consumers shouldn’t waste their money on buying a new laptop right now and wait for the first wave of Snapdragon-powered laptops to flood the market. While we’ve seen how capable the Snapdragon

News source: Digital trends

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